Sunday, 14 January 2018

A few cards I made a couple of years ago

Monday, 10 March 2014

Good morning wow I cannot believe how long it is since I posted on my blog. I really must start using it again . Its going to take me a while to find my way around as blogger has changed so much lol. I have made lots of cards so will start putting them on again.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Hello everyone, Happy Wednesday which means its time to visit Julia over on her blog for What's On Your WorkDesk Wednesday for those of you who have no idea what that means click on the link to join in the WOYWW where crafters from all over the world come and have a nosy around your workspace. Its great having a nosy around peoples workspaces and pick up some tips along the way.
Well my desk is a lot tidier than it was last week (it was such a mess lol). The first picture you can see more bears I have mean making, some die cutters in the background. The pink storage boxes have charms and findings in. The next pic is a close up of the  little footie bear I made. In the next couple of pictures you can see the new shelving units I brought last week and put together myself lol, as you will see I have lots of storage boxes and lots of die cutters on the top shelf are a couple of  empty glass storage pots that had yankie candles in but not sure what to do with them. The fifth pic you can see my cuttlebug which has been used quite a lot lately behind is my printer and the black thing next to cuttlebug is mt laptop holder, and yes that is an empty Heinz bans canister I use to put my lose change in lol. Lastly the pics shows I have some space n m desk more die cutters and the tubs have beads in. I hope you enjoyed having a look around my workdesk thank you for visiting and any comments you may leave I'm now off to have a look at other people's workdesk.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Hello everyone well yes you know its Wednesday again and that means its time for Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday so do pop on over to Julia's blog to join in the fun. Oh how the week flies by Wednesday's comes around so quick lol. I have been quite busy this week crafting have made a few cards more bears and also some more pins. The first fews pics were taken before I started to tidy up as it was getting to much to keep pushing it back so had to have a bit of a tidy.  The odd shaped card which is basket weave in the pic is the packaging from an easter egg and thought it might come in useful for my cards, the gree bowl also has beads in that I haven't found a home for yet. You can also see a few more of my die cutters in the background. I hadn't done much when some new beads caught my eye that were hidden under stuff so of course I had to sit down and make some pins  which you can see in the picture they are white faux beads with a lovely red and silver bead in between I quite like how they turned out I have been selling my pins on ebay so it helps to pay for more beads and charms. Well thats enough from me I hope you enjoyed having a look around my craft space and thank you for visiting and any comments you may leave. Now I am off to have a snoop around other people's craft desks.

Anne-marie x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Morning all well its that time of the week again when we show our workdesk off to people all over the world yes I'm talking about Whats on your workdesk Wednesday pop over to Julia's blog to join in. Last week I didn't join in as I forgot to charge the batteries for my camera I made sure i done them this week lol. For those that visited me the week before last you will know that I changed my craft stuff around well I'm still trying to find places for everything lol. Onto my pictures as you can see my desk is untidy as I have made some cards this week, so I have to keep pushing stuff back to make room on one side of my desk. irst pic is to the left of where I sit I have a few bears cut out as I was making some up for cards which you can see in the last pic, there is a few scrapes of papers that need sorting also some more of my pins and bits and bobs. The next pic you can see what colour my desk is lol also where my cuttlebug lives. In the envelope is more beads for my pins I make in the background you can see a few of my die cutters. The next pic is some of my tubs of beads and my new pens from Crafters Companion. Lastly is the toppers that I have been making for some new baby cards. Well thats about it from me this week so I'm off to link up with Julia and have a nosy around other people's desks thank you for visiting and any comments you may leave bye for now


Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Hello all its Wednesday and time to join Julia over at Stamping Ground for the Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday  where you can have a nosy around people's desks from all over the world. I haven't joined in for the last couple of weeks but im back now lol. My desk is a mess as I decided to move my desk to anther part of the room which is by the window but of course it meant moving everything aound so it would fit I have 2 large wardrobe size cupboards of craft stuff that had to be emptied so that I could move them as you can imagine there was stuff everywhere it was one of those jobs you start and then think oh why did I do that lol. Also all the stuff  on my desk had to be moved as well so by the time I was done I had had enough so that is why a lot of stuff has now been dumped back on my desk which I plan on to sort out today.  Well thats enough from me im off to link up to Julia's then have a nosy around some desks. Thank you for visiting and any comments you may leave


Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Hello well I can't believe it is Wednesday already the time is flying by. As its Wednesday that means its time to head over to Julia's blog, For Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday where we get to have a nosy around people's desks. I haven't done much this week but did make a card at the weekend but cleaned up my mess straight away you can see the card in he last picture it is from carfts you print decoupage sheet.  Top picture is of my desk to the right of where I sit oooh just notice my coffee coaster needs wiping how naughty to have that in thepicture lol. Also a new quickutz die that I needed lol but its still in the packet. The next pic is of sme beads and findings that I have ben srting out as they were lying around on my desk I am such a messy worker and leave bits lying around. Next one is some of my storage which is on a shelf above my desk  but really need/want lol lots more  shelves for all my storage boxes. Thats it from me I'm off to have a nosy around other peoples desk thank you for visiting and any comments you may leave.


Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Hello to all well its that time of the week when we all head over to Julia's blog for whats on your workdesk Wednesday  where crafters from all over the world share their crafty space. Just follow the link and all will be revealed lol. Well I am ashamed to show my desk this week as it is such a mess lol. I did make a couple of cards at the weekend but most of the stuff is from making my pins. Also before I forget for those that visited me last week and left me lovely comments I emailed company that I brought the die cutter from and returned to them and they are sending me a replacement so was pleased about that thank you. Well the first pic is my boxes of beads but I have no room to push them back as there is stuff behind them lol, and yes cuttlebug is still there but I have used it this week. The next pic is a bit furer along desk and still a mess lol in the clear box is lots of charms that I have brought to use on my pins and cards. Next pic is what I have been doing making more pins but this time I am adding some charms which I'm quite pleased with how they have turned out. Lastly the pic shows the pins with the baby pram attached although the pic is not to clear. Well thats all from me I am now off to have a nosey around some crafty spaces thank you for visiting and any comments yu may leave.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Hello all well its that time of the week already when we take photos of our workspace to show the many people who take part in Julia's Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday   so please do pop over and join in the fun where you get to snoop around lots of people's workdesks. I haven't done much this week except tidy my desk up a bit. I did cut out some baby die cuts which you can see in the top picture I brought a new metal die for baby bits but it doesn't seem to cut very well so was a bit disappointed with it. The next pic just shows some of my storage and lots of bits and bobs I need to put away lol. The third pic shows  my sidekick that I  had out earlier to cut the die cuts probaly be there for a while collecting dust lol. Lastly the cuttlebug has been moved since last week just pushed down the desk to make room and is sitting next to my boxes with the beads and stuff in  I have made some more pins the last few days but my batteries run ot on the camera so couldn't take any pics I love making the pins so have decided to start selling them and have sold a few so quite pleased. Well thats all from me I'm off to have a snoop around the other desks hope you all have a fab week. Thank you for visiting me and any comments you may leave.


Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Hello all well my work space hasn't changed much since last week the boxes are still sat there as I have been making more pins lol I so enjoy making these. My bow maker is sat there waiting to be used but I just can't get on with it need to practice a bit more I think.  Also in this pic is the necklace that I broke a few days ago and needs to be mended I will get around to it sometime lol.Well for anyone who is wondering why I  am showing my work space it is all down to Julia who hosts What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday so why not pop over and join in the fun.

These are the pins that I made this week although the picture really doesn't do them justice.   The next pic is of some decoupage which is layered up ready to make some cards but I've lost my mojo at the moment hope it comes back soon. Last pic is of the right hand sde of my desk which has a few things piled up lol The empty jar is from a yankie candle which I thought i could reuse but haven't decided what for yet, also the cuttlebug has moved a little further along since last week. Well I do hope you enjoyed having a look around my workspace thank you for looking and any comments you may leave.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Good afternoon everyone, well its Wednesday already was does the time go lol. So thats means its time for What's On Your Workdesk. Pop over to visit Julia's blog where lots of people's desk from all over the world let you have a nosy at there work space. My desk hasn't changed much since last Wednesday lol. The first pic is of the corner of my desk and has lots of charms and bits of pieces on and also my card candy holder I brought a few weeks ago. The next pic is my cuttlebug which hasn't moved at all as I have made no cards at all this week. However I have made some more pins which you can see in the 3rd pic I really enjoy making these. Lastly the other pic is my bargain from the pound shop lol 8 small storage tubs which I will use for some of my beads. Well I hope you enjoy looking at my desk as I do looking at other people's which is where I am off to now. Hope you have a good week.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What's On Your Workdesk 140

Good afternoon, Well its Wednesday so that means another What's On Your Workdesk
I haven't made many cards this week but have been making some decorative pins for my cards, I'm really pleased with how they turned out. The first pic is of some finished ones and the next pic is of one of my boxes of beads. Cuttlebug has been there a few days lol when I need some layered shapes for my card I made and also it is hiding the messy bit behind it lol. Well I had great fun going round and being nosy at other people's desks and picked up a few tips along the way so now I'm off to have a nosy. Thank yo for looking and any comments you may leave.

I have had some requests for close ups of my pins so have added them hope yu all like them.